How do I buy GME with a limit on the price?

Right now it’s at ~$90. Markets are closed and I don’t want to place a basic order and it to get executed at say $130 when the market opens. Hope my question makes sense?

I also don’t want to miss if it opens at $100.

Plus has limit orders.

Either sign up to plus, or be on the app at 2:30pm with another app/website showing live pricing.

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Didn’t realise it was a plus-only feature but if you have a plus account then when you hit ‘buy’ you can change the order type from basic to ‘limit order’. Has to be within 6% of ‘latest price’ when buying and 200% of latest price when selling. I don’t know why those limits exist… I would like them to go away.

Where did you see 6% of the price when you’re buying? I’m not sure that’s correct.

Sadly FT doesn’t allow trading in pre market. I can trade on another platform from 9am UK time, so can take advantage of these moves

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Thank you.

$GME is plus only

That’s really odd - it doesn’t say that on mine!

Ah right - it doesn’t tell me that in the app unfortunately, as I’m already on plus and the plus sign gets removed!