Trouble with limit orders and sells

I’m having trouble with only limit orders and sells. I understand that there is some increased loads, but why can’t I put in an order for a price that hasn’t been reached yet. I am mainly trading in gme, but my question is specifically about limit sells and buys. I am worried that if the market shifts dramatically (likely at this point) I will have been prevented from protecting myself with the appropriate tools

I have the same issue, limit sets just gets rejected. Bad day for us yesterday with Americans not being able to buy. But we apes held strong. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :raised_hand:

I am also wondering about sell limits? Can shares purchased as basic order be updated to sell limit orders and if so, how?

I have had a couple rejected but they worked second time so keep trying on gme. And triggered worked too, couple of times it ‘couldnt get prices’.

@Optikal didn’t understand your question, if you bought the shares they’re yours now, you can set sell limits if you’re on plus? Basic doesn’t mean they’re different at all, they just go through in a batch at 3pm (except yesterday).

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I was just unsure how to actually execute the order, but after a coffee I figured it out :slightly_smiling_face: