Sales of shares queued until 1 feb

getting a message when trying to sell US stocks, the order is queued and will be filled on 1 feb, NEXT MONDAY!

what is going on?? we are really unable to sell anything all day? its not just GME i tried to sell other shares and the same also i had a limit order on GME at 280 and it was rejected!

this is going to lose a lot of people money

Blockquote this is going to lose a lot of people money

that’s the point :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Set a sell order, they still work

What do you mean? I’ve set a basic sell order, it’s queued until next Monday.

Sorry I take it back, you’re right. :cry:

@Freetrade_Admin Instant sell orders have been reactivated, but many of us now have queued Basic Sell orders which cannot be cancelled.

Since these Basic sell orders did not execute at 3pm as they were supposed to, can you please unlock them so we can cancel accordingly? Otherwise we’re just playing Russian roulette with the price at which they’ll execute…

It’s an absolute farce. Same thing happened. Tried to cancel my limit order to then sell on instant as it appeared but now it says pending for ‘hours’. That’s ok I’ll just sit with a cup of tea and watch the price fall. Happy days.

Please cancel these orders!

Sorry I don’t follow this. Instant and basic are the same thing, aren’t they?

nothing is working. tried a stop loss and it failed

My limit sell just worked.:+1:

it has started working - my sales went through also

Has anyone succesfully cancelled a basic/instant sell order and then switched to a limit sell?

Limit cancellations are pending for hours, is that normal? So until it cancels my shares are frozen. Only used Limit sell as Instant was not working/optional. So I feel pretty screwed.

yes i just did

How long did it take from when you cancelled your instant sell to when it actually got cancelled?

Has your subsquent limit sell been processed? If long, how long after placing your limit sell did it sell?

i think it was instantly. to be honest i have been putting through various types of orders and i have confused myself a bit now, but ive got my portfolio looking how i want it and taken a bit of profit. sell orders have gone through at last and i cancelled the ones set for monday

Can confirm. My instant sell order cancellation was just processed instantly.

Can also confirm that selling using a triggered order (fractional shares) worked instantly too.

I have a cancelled limit sell order that’s still pending after an hour and a half. Locked out of market selling or setting a new limit sell until it’s actually cancelled.

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