Queued order hasn't gone through, can't sell postion

Hey, posting here to try and attract the attention of anyone that works for free trade. I’ve had a sell order not execute since the 5th, and I’ve been trying to get it sorted for about a week to no avail. Need to sell my position there as I’m not furloughed and need the money. So if anyone sees this, please cancel that order so I can actually sell.
User no: 283505

Do you mean you got the message that it had gone through but not confirmed? Queued orders have an option to cancel before they’ve gone through but it shouldn’t be unconfirmed for that long.

Worth giving them an email here.

Yep, queued for the 5th apparently, but now no idea if its gone through (I presume it hasnt, but no idea) and no option to cancel. Will pop an email, cheers.

Did you resolve this issue? Had the sell order gone through?

Nope unfortunately not, and still waiting on a response from anyone at freetrade. Very disappointed to say the least.