All of my instant orders "awaiting confirmation" [RESOLVED]

Hi, I’ve been using the freetrade app for over a year now and generally I run in to a lot of bugs and issues but generally nothing related to my orders going through.

Today I’ve placed 3 instant orders, and all of them are stuck on awaiting confirmation. Funds are on hold from my balance and I am unable to cancel these. They have been pending / awaiting confirmation for almost 1hr, and I have no faith that this issue is going to be rectified in an acceptable amount of time.

Is this a common issue for people? Very strange for a broker to have issues with their orders system.


Same for me. Seems to be an issue today but nothing about it on forum or in app.

I had that a weeks ago buying PLTR. I think it happens when their US market maker sees high trading volumes. Mine settled after about 5mins. I could be wrong though

edit: I just got the in app message saying it’s the issue with their FX Partner Provider

Same here, just received a in app message from freetrade about the issue, something todo with their fx partner.

Did you ask about the issue specifically? I have received no such notice despite having pending trades waiting.

Hi guys,

We’re aware and have identified the issue, we’re working on mitigating it now.

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No I didn’t ask

Would you mind screenshooting what was said? Out of curiosity.

UK stocks seam Ok but issues with buying in the US where all trades show as pending! Just had message from Rob “aware and dealing with it”

This is crazy. I have a sizeable amount of money and I’m blocked from trading. And am a Plus member. Fml. Should get a refund this month.

@Ian we had issues and a report a while ago about how these issues were being addressed and were assured things were being remediated, and yet here we are again… regardless of if it is your FX Provider or some other part of the stack execution and visibility is critical.

What is being done to sort out stability once and for all here?


So the orders are executing, but are showing as pending. Not sure if that’s a good thing, seeing we are essentially stuck in these trades for the foreseeable future. I think I would have preferred to have the orders rejected.

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Agreed. Reject and let us decide what to do.


So just to clarify. Are the orders actually executed? I.e. are we getting the price at the time of submission?

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If these orders were executed - the least Freetrade can do is waive the 0.45% fx commission as your partner has failed again.


Freetrade won’t waive any fee or even cancel these pending orders.

It’s our fault their FX partner is down…

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Can somebody from Freetrade confirm that the orders have been executed at the time of sending? This issue is costing us money.


makes me all warm an fuzzy - my order was almost £20k and almost 45mins later I have no clue what has happened


My wild guess is that the order was executed, otherwise you would be able to cancel it.


I have a £100,000 order pending and am waiting for news :frowning: unbelievable

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