Unconfirmed Order

I’m new to this app. Can’t say I’m overly impressed at the moment. This is my latest issue:

I ordered 637 shares of £NSF and instead of the instant order I was expecting I received a notification that the order was pending confirmation. It also locked up the funds preventing me making sure the order went through at the expected price.

Hours later and this is still showing as pending despite the price coming down before spiking 22%

Attachments below.

My question is, how long before the order is confirmed?


I’ve had this happen occasionally. Doesn’t usually take that long to confirm though.
It’s likely that the order went through close to the live prices at that time but it hasn’t got confirmation back.

Contact support to see if they can help, someone on here may be kind enough to check if they can see your order go through earlier this afternoon.

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NSF isn’t exactly frequently traded, relatively speaking. This happens with smaller/less frequently traded companies and is somewhat beyond the control of Freetrade. There’s an FAQ somewhere on the website about reasons for order execution failure/things being delayed. Have a look at that.

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