Pending trade

Hi I’m new on here, I sold a share today but the trade has not been confirmed it is showing only as pending.
This was a sample trade to see how the app worked.£50 I am concerned that such a small trade would cause a pending it was a U.K. Ft250 share.
Any idea. Please chat has not responded

What time did you set the trade?

It was an instant trade 10am UK time


  1. What was the stock?

  2. What do you see under Activity tab?

  3. To see if the sale has gone through verify whether you see any unsettled cash in your Accounts?

  4. Have you tried this force quitting the app and restarting to see if it’s still showing as pending?


Hi the sock was cairn energy FT 250
The message is pending
It does not show in activity or account
The message say we do not have confirmation your order has been executed.
The share can’t be moved sold nothing it’s simply frozen

Sorry typo stock not sock🤗

Hi Colin, welcome to the forum :wave:

There could be few reasons for the order going into pending, but we’re not aware of any issues today which would result in this.

Can you drop me a DM and we can check it out?