Order Pending Query

Often when markets open, sell and buy orders get the ‘pending’ status. I’d like to know, what price do these orders execute at? The price when you placed the order, or the price when the order gets confirmed?


It’ll be the price when the order is confirmed, the price shown when you put the order in when the markets are closed isn’t a quote as such.

I’ve had this a lot with GME the last two days, it keeps the blood pumping! All of them have gone through eventually though, if that helps. Normally 1/2 minutes, today it seems longer.

Understand re prices displayed on the app, but for example if I buy at 9am, but order only confirms at 9.30am, which price do I get?

I believe it will be the price at 9:30 as that’s when the buy has been fulfilled. They’ll always aim to get the best price, but the volatility of the stock might also impact the order

Same thing here

same problem here with AMC and GME this morning.

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Mine didn’t go through :rage:

Guess this is a market issue and not specific to FT. Isn’t everything 5G already? :sweat_smile:

Hahaha is this normal then with a popular share ? I thought it was freetrade, I got another pending :man_facepalming:t3:

I’m missing out :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: it won’t work

Its well down now, I hope it doesn’t chuck me in at £17 I’ll be fumin :sob:

There’s a notification on the app now that trading has been very busy (not just with Freetrade) today and that some stocks have taken circuit breakers so I’m assuming that’s why a few orders are being rejected.

Omg this can’t just be happening to me :triumph: I missing out, how are others managing to buy ?

my cancelation order been pending for an hour now…double check the price before executing it LOL

Will it give me an option or will it just go through at what they think is best price ?

I’ve found it goes through pretty quick but the confirmation is the slow part. Lots of other brokers are completely down, FT is generally getting through, mine have been slow but worked eventually.

It’s cancelled mine, if you go on twitter Trading 212 is down because of the volume of activity.

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even Yahoo finance is down :rofl:

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They’re down because their infrastructure fell over. There is no activity as no one can get in to out on any orders