Error placing order 2nd March

I’ve just tried a dozen times to place either a Limit order or a Triggered order but keep getting Error Placing my order and to check activity feed. No order placed.

Is this a system wide problem today?

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What’s the stock in question?
Is it a sell or a buy?

My two limit sells executed fine in the last 60 minutes.


GME sell order, system won’t take Limit or Triggered

Just tried again as posting this

I’d suggest enquiring in-app as there is no system wide problem with limit or triggered sells.

@Doyin can you advice here please? Are there any known issues with GME at the moment?


I’ve just sent a support message but I have one outstanding from 3 days ago that hasn’t even been read yet.

Thanks anyway :+1:

Even now the price has dropped some 8% from when I attempted to sell it remains impossible to place an order for either Limit sell or Triggered sell.

Revolut and eToro didn’t have any issues with the same stock at the same time.

Good luck trying to sell GME stocks at current price. For an order to fill there needs to be someone willing to pay that price

I’m not talking about filling the order, I can’t even place it - even now.

Shares were selling higher than my limit would have been, they’d have sold.

What problem do you get trying to sell exactly? Do you have any current limit orders set?

No orders set, nothing queued in my activity.

Whether Limit Order or Triggered Order I get the same error:

Error Placing Order
There was a problem placing your order. Please check your activity feed to confirm if it has been placed before trying again.

Even now it won’t place the order.

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This gets worse.

Today I still couldn’t set a sell limit order again to sell all shares in my GME holding - under £25,000 order.

However, if I halved it I could place 2 orders so I don’t actually have a £25,000 limit at all.

Worse, one order sold, stock was rising so I cancelled the other but it was pending and said check back in a few hours! No idea if it cancelled or sold when I started writing this. As typing this post I checked again and it did sell despite my cancel.

The main problem here is that I don’t get a £25,000 sell limit, I had to keep going down share numbers until an order was accepted.

My two orders combined didn’t add up to £25,000 so why didn’t they go through?

On top of this, the support ticket I sent 2 days ago with screenshots has been closed without reply.

Viktor asked me to DM him in another thread about support so really sorry @Viktor but I’m resorting to tagging you here.

What did the two orders add up to? Would it be a case of “just” shy of 25k to allow for FX fluctuations?

The problem is the orders weren’t rejected, they weren’t even placed. Just error messages saying to check my activity feed and see if the order had been placed. Check activity feed and no order.

Combined value £24,092 but knocking a few shares off didn’t help. I don’t know where the sweet spot is but when I roughly halved it the order when through.

I did have this come up that day but I restarted the app and it worked, might have just been lucky.

Might be best dropping an email to

I believe this indicates that’s the amount the market is willing to buy at that particular price, ie the market didn’t want to buy the whole £24k worth of stock at that price. Makes sense?

I think it’s a glitch and support have now forwarded it on to technical support along with screenshots of my failed sell orders as low as £17,000.

I should be able to place a limit order for a sale up to £25,000 as the order becomes valid for 89 days, it’s nothing to do with supply/demand at time of placing the order as that’s variable over the term of the order.

supply and demand may have an impact. I’ve experienced it before. Not with limit orders but with market orders to be fair. And the values were significantly lower. Half a dozen trades to sell a 4k position. And I know that in my case it was due to increased volatility in that particular day reducing the size of the orders that could be filled.

Your case may be different…

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Yes, I think your point could be true for market trading. :+1:

I’ve been having this problem for days. Asked in-app and was told they are aware of it, but they can’t tell me what the practical limit is and told me to make sure my sell limit is well below the limit.

This is a totally unacceptable failure of their system. I shouldn’t be having to trial and error to determine what the unknown trade limit is.