Unable To Set Limit Sell Order

I have raised this with FT support multiple times and haven’t received an answer as to why this is happening nor when it will be fixed.

I cannot set any limit order, regardless of the price set or number of shares for GME. I have had this problem for 3 days now.

What do I need to do to have this rectified?

Does anyone else have this issue with either GME or any other stock?

Is anybody at FT looking into this? If we cannot set a limit order due to a problem at FT end what are we supposed to do? Monitor the price and app all day and use a market order risking slippage and what not…

I’ve seen a couple post in the GME thread stating they too have this issue. We cannot set Limit Sell orders. Hello FT! How many people does this need to affect before its taken seriously?

Hey Chris

What value is the limit order for?

Someone recently (I think @Yaffle) had a similar issue and if I’m not mistaken they managed to get it working by lowering the order value by quite a bit.

Worth a shot whilst someone at FT can look into this for you.

@Yaffle Did FT technical team get to the bottom of this at all?


They replied and said there was a glitch causing a miscalculation on the order screen that was allowing orders over £25,000 to be placed and to break my orders down. They clearly didn’t read the problem in full and brushed over it.

I’d provided screenshots of my failed orders at £23k, £19k and £17k - I’d say all clearly under £25k!

I messaged back but heard nothing more.

Edit: These were error messages as per OP, not rejected

I’ve just had a message from Support advising a fix has been implemented.

Posted it to my own thread but here it is again:

“ Our engineers have implemented a fix over the weekend, so you should be seeing fewer order errors now +1
Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!”