How do I get my FT crowdfunding badge?

Hey guys, very happy to be invested in FT during the 5th round, but I notice I still haven’t gotten my badge, is there something I need to do to get it visible? Thanks! :slight_smile:


I want my badge too

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I think it is normally done automatically, but I had used different email addresses for the forum and main Freetrade email, so I contacted support in app and they linked the accounts, then I got the badge. You can also ask them to change the email account associated if you wish.

I’d assume it will be when all investments have been collected. The ‘second round’ of payments were made yesterday, so I’d give it a week or so for them all to be processed.

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He said R5, so you should’ve had it a year ago? Still worth an email, should be easy sort hopefully.

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