How Hedgie Shorts Make Money or get bailed out trying

Add whatever gold info here, there’s too much, learning so much, the house always wins for some reason.

by @JoeFo

“Data-Driven DD: I analyzed 265,000 rows of SEC Short Fails-to-Deliver data so you don’t have to! (Extremely important data for Counterfeit Stock theories)”

(I don’t know what a lot of of this means. It looks great. The guy knows Pivot Tables.)

Add info on short strategies here, let’s learn how they do it.

Where are the shares? A mega site I dont understand --shared by a Redditor

I appreciate you’re infatuated by this topic. Would it make sense to post all your research into this one single thread rather than creating new topics every time?

Good point, just thought this was a different topic about current and historical shorts. Other threads get noisyy.

History–rich hedgie man Bill Ackman thought Herbalife was a pyramid (it is? YES NO). He shorted it and went public about it–powerpoint, videos, a Netflix movie.

His frenemies went on CNBC, started buying stocks to squeeze his shorts.

… …Sound familiar? Herbalife conference calls were like --Look at our stores, we’re a legit company, we dont sell overpriced weightloss powder to people who then sell the sick cocktail mix to people, who then it sell to people. Look at our fancy LA shop. (It’s a get rich quick scheme thats banned in China, they must’ve been a legit biz only in China).

Anyway, rich man amateur tennis player Bill Ackman restructured the shorts into puts. Herbalife is still around. Is it a pyramid?

5 years after starting his crusade, noble’ish man Bill gets rid of his position.

That was a noble’ish short.

Yahoo Finance Tv “Reddit user explains short-seller squeeze inception”

"You mean that guy who has 3x as many subscribers as you do, Yahoo? "

He can also fix you Macbook