How is your crowdfunding portfolio doing and how are you measuring it?

(Andrew Clark) #1

I have a couple of spreadsheets I keep to track my investments and I’ve recently added a column where I track the chances of exiting. I am probably ridiculously naive about how many of these will actually exit but I feel I’ve been fairly brutal in my assessments below. I’ve 43 investments altogether and I’ve grouped them together under general categories (didn’t know where to put my HAV (airships) and Dirt Factory (bike park)) - I thought the results in this pivot table were interesting.

What tools do you use to track your investments and how do you assess the chances of ever seeing a return?

(Dave Smith) #2

I don’t have anywhere near as many as you, but out of 8 or 9 I have 1 that has exited at 3X my investment and 4 that have done some kind of further raise at a higher share price. so far none have gone bust. I think that’s pretty good going so far, of course it could all go pear shaped from here

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Just in case anyone’s interested in seeing which companies our community has crowdfunded so far, lots have been shared here: Which crowdfunding companies have you invested in?.