How large can a Freetrade portfolio be?

Just out of curiosity (rather than need - I wish!), is there an upper limit on how large a Freetrade portfolio can be?

For example, if someone won the Euromillions lottery, could they deposit £180m into a Freetrade account or would it break something?

The buys are limited to 9,900 for UK. That’s one thing…

That’s only 18,000 trades at the max limit isn’t it? 300 hours of non stop investing if it takes 60 seconds to make an investment.

I wonder if Freetrade would help out in this situation and temporarily remove limits…

The limit for UK stocks is because the platform currently doesn’t support paying the PTM levy. (note, US stocks can trade up to £25k) I suppose if you came in with £180 million they would consider manually pushing it through… so who’s got a spare £100 million to try :smile:

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so who’s got a spare £100 million to try :smile:

Hopefully me after tomorrow night! Although it’ll only be £38m if I win…


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