How many shares does Freetrade have?

Can someone provide a breakdown of the Freetrade shares. many do Draper Esprit have? Crowdcube have? How many shares are available to give share options to employees? Is there a maximum amount of shares that can be reached? Thank you

It’s all on Companies House. Whenever new shares are issued they have to file new documents.


The company can issue new shares, so there is no maximum.

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Is it possible to breakdown the reply for a dummie ie: myself. I have seen a figure mentioned 54 million. I mean like how many shares are currently not spoken for at this moment in time.

They’re all spoken for. There’s nothing left on the table. If new investors want to join, new shares will be created for them.

For example, let’s say there are 100 shares right now and you have 5 shares (5%).
A new investor joins and they want approx. 10% of the company, so the company creates an additional 11 shares for them (11/111 = 9.9%). You now have 5 out of 111 shares (4.5%).

This is called “dilution,” and although it means you own a smaller % of the company, the value of the company usually increases with each round, meaning the fiscal value of your holdings is usually higher.


Thank you. How do Freetrade incentivise employees with share options. They must have some put away for staff. Do we know how many have been put aside?

P24 in the financial report informs you how many have been granted.

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