How many times have you mistakenly put through a basic order as an instant order as it is selected as the default option?

  • Never
  • 1-2 times
  • 3-4 times
  • 5-6 times
  • 7+ times
  • Everytime

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Made this is in a rush - so if the options can be better done, let me know and i’ll change it

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Maybe a “Never, but near miss” option. As I have never accidentally confirmed an instant trade as I always double check. But it is a nuisance imo.


As I did it when I first got my Freetrade account a few times. I now tend to make all my decisions about orders outside trading hours so that I don’t accidentally pay this fee.


Another vote for near miss here. Happened a few times where I’ve nearly forgotten to change the option.

The first ever time I invested I did this. But haven’t done it since

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Never actually placed the order, but I make the mistake pretty much every time and realize on the review screen.

I’ve done so several times, and everyone I have invited to the app has also made the same mistake. I don’t mind so much as I usually instant buy anyway but the people I invited to the app felt burned by it.

It’s good that the fast majority of people have NEVER had this issue, but I do think that Basic Order should be the one listed by default, it makes more sense.

Freetrade have always come across as reputable and honest and don’t see the type of company to swindle their users, however, having instant £1 executions listed as default seems to be playing with fire, as more and more people join, people will use this by mistake.

Heck, I made a referral to Freetrade today and had to explain this concept to my friendly clearly, just in case they missed it and got upset that it wasn’t ;omission free trading’ as I’d promised.

I think it’s a fairer and safer bet if they were to change it to Basic Order by default, it’s the most used after all.