What should be the default order type in the app?

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Default trade set to instant

☑ Default trade set to basic

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Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve been discussing this within the team too - please let us know whether you’d prefer Basic or Instant trades to the default option when you make a purchase / sale in the app :raised_hands:

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As someone who made an instant trade by mistake today my vote is basic haha.

But to be fair i think it makes the app more ‘friendly’ if that’s the right word.


I voted basic, but that’s because I’m placing low value transactions for now. Once the app is fully up and running I imagine I would use instant more often. Defaulting to instant would prob generate more revenue…


Basic for me, but I can see a real case for Instant, as in only £1 and people like things quicker not delayed. So could make a great first experience.

The system could be magical and guess what the user normally does or even look at the order value and guess, for example less than £10 is Basic by default?

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Currently, there is a very strong case for basic - if you executed by error, you can cancel it and redo almost immediately but instant ones do not allow for it (poor @stephen :disappointed_relieved:).

However, once Alpha will be available, those users may wish to have instant as their default execution type.

Therefore, in long-term, it would be nice to have it in settings, whereby the user could dictate what default option they prefer.


Google’s “undo” button for emails comes to mind but not sure how that would work when you have third parties involved :sweat_smile:

P.S. Google’s email undo button just delays the message by x seconds

I think leaving the non reversible option as default leaves it open to accusations of trying to make money by catching people out who might not have been giving the app their undivided attention


I think given the brand, FREEtrade, it would be preferable to have the default as the free, basic trade. Instant is an upgraded service that the user should have to make a choice to utilise, in my opinion.


Arghhh!! I did it again. Definitely voting for basic trade as default.

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Will there be a user preferences section where you could set up things like this once then forget about it?

I will probably use instant more over the long term, but when the app is called Freetrade and it’s the basic one that’s free it kind of makes sense for that to be the default…


Thank you all for your feedback, this has been really useful! :bowing_man:

Improving the process for placing an order is one of our top priorities but we will need to make some changes to the design, in order to come up with a suitable solution so it may be a little while before we make some changes.

We’ll be testing the new designs in advance & we’ll share more details here about that here soon.


You can now vote for your preference here -

Default trade set to instant

☑ Default trade set to basic