How many users now?

That looks pretty rough tbh. Ty for posting.

Are Freetrade able to do advertising in the UK currently? Thought there was something about they had to stop their ads due to not being compliant.

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Yes, they’re only prohibited from promotion that is generated by a user of social media (even if Freetrade were to review it first).

If the promotion originates from Freetrade and its content is exclusively controlled by Freetrade, they can post it wherever, including social media.

This restriction indefinite, though Freetrade can apply to get it removed. I’m sure they intend to eventually, but they’ll need evidence of significant change to processes and controls before the FCA would lift it.


No suprise daily user numbers slow down when the markets doing badly, and spike when there’s an upturn :man_shrugging:


I think it was the opposite ay the start of the pandemic



Been a while since we had an update. Any new user numbers from anyone.


where update?

1380000 as of today.


Who else has had their finger hoof on the screen trying to plot that 138,000 on @zaccharles graph?

To me it looks like user growth is down to ~600 ish a day since April which I think is still pretty damn good given the state of the markets and the fact that the UK economy is imploding.

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Can we get a full number, please?

We’ve had problems with a user named Juno (among many aliases) and while I’m defiantly not suggesting you are in any way connected :wink: a full number would be appreciated.