How many users now?

When 1.5 M users?


At the current rate of around 460 new users per day, sometime in March '23.
Hopefully things will pick up with the launch in Sweden.


Puts us in the region of HL customer base and significantly more than AJ Bell, if internet is to be believed.

Once they hit 1.5 million sign up’s then that should equate to 1 million ACTIVE users! APPROXIMATELY

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As of September - 1.4M users and 670K funded customers

Not sure your maths adds up.


I dont think your numbers add up? In 2021 they said they had 1 million sign ups with 650,000 active customers!

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Alas they are highly profitable companies…well at least Hargreaves Lansdown is massively so. No idea if AJ Bell is but i assume so.

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Anyone know what the definition of active customers is?
also how many are freetrade plus members?

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AJBell 2021 figs:

Total Revenue : £146m
Net Profit : £43.8m.


Thanks but I wasn’t really interested in ajb bells profits I was making a comparison with brockers who make profits and freetrade which doesn’t.

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Absolutely and same here. The lack of progress FT seem to be making towards profitability is a nagging concern for me, especially with profitable new entrants such as CMC coming on to the scene in the U.K… Active user numbers have to be monetised at some point…

Total revenue and net profit are way more important to me too.

For comparisons sake, FT’s 2021 figs are as follows:

Total Revenue : £12.7m
LOSS before tax : (£18.2m).


Did I read 12 fund raises?



I can only find a CMC that does CFD etc. Is it a stock broker as well.

Yes. Think they only launched a month or so ago, under the ‘CMC Invest’ banner, but they’re looking to disrupt the market and will be offering an app-based, commission-free ISA ‘very soon’ apparently.

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Yep that is the case. I saw the owner on tv the other day and they seem like they want to go big in the UK. They look and sound good, but they do have to carry the 79% of retail users lose money etc on their app. That always puts me off these platforms, but they do have lots of good features etc.

Edit - I didnt realise they also had a app for investing only. Not as good as FT yet but not bad welcome bonus of £50!

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Had a quick look. Don’t think you can buy fractional shares.

Guys we seem to be going off topic.

This is just the user number thread.

I’ve posted a user number but it seems to have been missed by everyone…


Maybe everyone thought the number was shad(e)y :joy:


I remember when user numbers were used to correlate to potential share price (rightly or wrongly, but it was fun); now I have no clue what 1,446,000 customers mean anymore :slightly_frowning_face: