How to purchase a share


I am new to freetrade, and in the position to purchase my first share. I have tried to contact the staff, but not had any response yet. I know this may sound like an obvious question, however can someone please tell me how to purchase a share. I can not find any facilitity on my phone app to buy. Any help will be much appreciated!!!


You find a share in the discover tab, click on it and click on buy, put in the amount of money and buy it.

Thanks for your response,

This is what I though, however there is no ‘Buy’ facility I have searched all over on the screen. I am just so confused?

Maybe the app is a bit slow at loading, that can cause the button to not load. Try closing it and do it again.

Can you post a screenshot so we can see? Alternatively, it may be best to wait for the FT staff to respond.


Thanks for your response.

I am going to attach a screen shot.

Much regards

Can you scroll down, it should be below the chart

I will try

Have you got any money in your account?

You should be able to see the buy button underneath the graph.

Hey guys, thanks sooooooooo much for your assistance.x I feel like a knob. I think my screen was a bit on the slow side, indeed when I scrolled down, I was able to see the buy button. Just a bit of first time user anxiety looool


No worries mate! welcome to the app

Hey @yellibb, welcome to the community forum :wave:

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Let us know anytime if you have any questions at all.

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