How to buy

(Rdeogracias) #1

Hello. I am new in here and would like to invert £100.00 on shares. How do I buy them? Can I use this website for it? I don’t find any link for it. Thanks

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Hey! :wave:

To invest, you would need to download Freetrade app (access currently available on iOS but the Android launch is planned somewhen in March-April). As Freetrade is gradually enrolling its customers, you may have to wait in the queue for some time unless you refer someone else, which will bump you up and get your access significantly quicker (within a week or two if you are lucky). Once you are in, there will be a very short registration process and informative intro on how to top up your account (spoiler: you will have to use one bank account for topping up and withdrawing).

Now the interesting stuff, investing. In Freetrade’s universe, there is quite a wide range of companies and ETFs. Whilst you are free to purchase shares as you like, by undertaking some analysis on whether a company has economic future potential, there is one very important thing - always diversify, never rely on just one entity

You can read more interesting “introduction to investing” style articles in Freetrade’s blog, which I hope will be of benefit to you. And if you are still uncertain or have any additional questions - just ask :slight_smile: