Newbie here

Hi was wondering, I have Freetrade installed on my android mobile phone. But can I access my account from my Windows laptop?

I noticed the Freetrade website only seems to show Playstore and App store logos to get the app so imagine that you can only access your account from having installed it on a Apple or Android device.

I tried to login to this forum using my Freetrade user #xxx,xxx and my account shows my email address, but when using these credentials the response is “no account exists” message. So confused

this is not related what user number are you?

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Your forum account isn’t linked to your freetrade account, they’re totally separate.

You can’t get the freetrade app on Windows laptop, also no website for trading either. It is an phone app only at the moment.

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@kabbman welcome to the forum, hopefully you’ll find all the things you need here.

There is a long standing thread about a desktop app, doubtless it’ll come but in reality it’s not a priority for the team right now.

If you have any newbie questions it’s worth having a quick look here as lots of people might have asked already - Ask your beginners questions here 🐣 or see these articles written by the FT team - Learn about investing with Freetrade’s guides

Also … could you share your user number and sign up date here How many users now? use the format 123,4XX if you’re worried, your user number isn’t anything to do with your forum or security.


Welcome :bouquet: :beers: :champagne:

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