Ideanomics Inc - IDEX

This technology company is working to drive mobile energy transformation and the green fintech revolution by harnessing growing technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more.

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I’ve requested for this to be added as I can’t find it on the app but it looks like it has already been added in the update on the 28th October.

Are there any plans to make this available to trade again?



We were unable to list this security in the end, and will update if this changes.

Could I please request Ideanomics (IDEX) is added as soon as possible please! Now is the correct time to get into this one.

Thanks freetrade

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Yep please add

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So it was actually on the app a week or two ago. I messaged the in app support who replied the following ‘… it was pulled by our US partner due to how low the share price was (as they will only process trades over $2). If our partner offers this again though, of course we can re-add this’. Now it’s jumped I messaged again and they are looking into re-adding

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Could you please add this company as soon as possible. It is already late as the shares have gone up. Thank you

Could you please add this company. Most of us are looking to invest and it is not available on this platform. Thank you

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Already 2000 shares in IDEX. Good luck to LTH

Is this still going to be added?

I’d like to request the stock ideanomics(IDEX)

What tf is going on with the idex stocks? :thinking:, i really thought that they were finally away​:expressionless::gun:

Anyone any info in this stock ?

I’m looking into this but O haven’t made up my mind yet….is there a potential in this?

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