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Solid State Battery Technology development company based in Southampton, UK. This company holds the world record for the most energy dense battery. I see big things for this stock in the future. Currently trading at ~29p /share.

Moonshot here! :rocket:

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Bought in this morning after Justin Waite said was his latest addition, there’s a lot of choice out there and anything that passes his set of filters is at least worth a look. Tough research at this stage not much of a flow but based on what I could find I decided to start a position. So that’s where I am, I took a position and ended up with a 35% gain on the day, so I will wait for another chance to top up

Quick update, the team have added this stock yesterday. :+1:

Remember, when you invest, your capital is at risk.


I think it was on the app earlier than yesterday :thinking:

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Anyone jumping on this tomorrow?

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I’ve been trying to place an order for the last 19 mins and nothing is working pleaseeeee help @sampoullain

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The price is still showing £2.00, it isn’t updating

Still nothing, I upgraded my account for this stock and what kinda thing is this? Plus no one from support is responding

I’m just glad I bought on Xmas Eve at £2 a share as they’re up 25% this morning. I don’t understand how a plus stock can take so long to update on the app, doesn’t feel like great value

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Fixed the issue now, apologies. Should be ok now.

It’s still a flop for me :man_shrugging:t4:

Price is still stuck

Orders are going through but the price is still stuck

Also you’re charging stamp duty on an AIM stock, presumably you’ll have to refund everyone that charge? (unless this one is exempt from the tax exempt status of AIM stocks?)


Price still stuck?

The stock is executing at the market prices but the display price is still stuck at £2.00

It’s still stuck for me also!??? What is going on? I bought today and have also been charged stamp duty

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