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Good leadership to warn Investors

Fast response from support

Unfortunately we’ve had to temporarily pull Ilika from our app, due to some issues we were seeing with trading. We hope to have it up again shortly, thank you for your patience !

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They’ve told me they’re investigating this and it likely shouldn’t have charged stamp duty. Should likely result in a refund on any stamp duty that was incorrectly paid.

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Yeah I mean it was very frustrating for 2 hours, would’ve nice for a heads up to be honest. I had
To chase support 3 times, didn’t feel much of the plus benefits to be honest. I’m waiting for these SPACs but this is strike 1.

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212 had completion issues as well

For those of you that made it in, are you worried that there’s been no product announcements yet?

This is readded FYI

A bit of a pull back. Decent buying opportunity.

For a company and tech that’s 5 years away from mass production and which and gone up by 75% in the last few weeks on pure hype and dipped 5% in one day. Yeah go ahead and ramp this up even further.


Ilika’s tech is 5 yrs away Where does that come from? can you direct me to the source of that info

It dipped over 30% from highs and it’s one of the 3-4 companies in this technology of the future with production expected to start next year.

I wouldn’t go all in, but in my opinion it’s a better opportunity to get exposed to solid state batteries than Quantumscape (which is 100x valuation).

The fact that it already ran up doesn’t mean much. A lot of EV plays went up 10x before people started investing in it and still made good returns from there on. Like people bought Nio at $11 after it went up 1100% and still made a lot of money after selling for $65.

Full disclosure: Ilika is around 4% of my portfolio.

Have you seen the half year report out today?

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Not a fan of this “report”, their marketing outright s%ck.
It sounds like I did more meaningful things last week then their company did in last quarter.

On the other hand, it appears really honest, which is good.

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The only guy who is covering Ilika :slight_smile: But he is heavily invested so is biased.


If the $ sign is what he thinks it means, that is quite impressive, but it is a stretch :slight_smile:


Yes, thats reading a lot into it.


Blimey 37% in the first 45mins of trading… guess i missed some info

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News announced this morning is that they are expect to announce a loss and that renenue is likely to be lower than previously forcast. Also a new CFO (but I doubt this was related to the drop)

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Well, that explains that… so, sell cut loses or hold long term and buy more to average down , any opinions ?

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