Impossible Foods 🌱 πŸ”

Founded in 2011, California-based Impossible Foods specialises in plant-based meat and is best known for its Impossible Burger (I tried it when I was in the U.S. a couple of years ago and thought it was great :ok_hand:).

Impossible is privately owned and recently ranked fourth on a list of America’s fastest grown brands.

According to the report, 35% of Americans said they are familiar with the brand - probably thanks to its deal with Burger King to supply the chain with an Impossible Whopper.

Its main competitor is Beyond Meat, one of the most requested stocks on Freetrade. The stock price has recovered after rising over 200% and then crashing in its first few months as a public company:

I’m personally excited about the prospect of an Impossible IPO.

Would you invest in Impossible Foods if it went public?

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I would have to taste their products first. Beyond meat was a huge let down taste wise. Quorn range is superior… So to avoid getting carried away with the hype it’s a taste test.

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Admittedly the burgers were a bit of a let down but the sausages are amazing! Just a shame that they’re so damn expensive.

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I’d love to taste it. Imho beyond meat is incredible. Love the taste and i switched from eating beef to only eating beyond meat burger now.
Investing is a different matter. Valuations are still sky-high for BM, so let’s see how IF is going to float.

For whoever wants to try: BrewDog and Honest Burger have BM burger and they patties can be bought in Tesco Superstores (at least here in London).

The beyond meat burger is my favourite veg*n burger by a long way. I would invest in Impossible Foods if it was available as well.

Short answer: no.

Long answer: generally still no - it cound either end up like Beyond Meat, shooting up to a wildly inflated value before crashing back down again; or it’ll be like most IPOs seem to be and slowly slide down almost from the start.

Caveat to long answer: if it were to IPO, and be available on Freetrade from IPO, I might risk a share or two and see if I can sell at peak before it crashes (or for at least more than purchase price). But unlikely if Freetrade late to the party again (and also unlikely due to my current risk appetite, anyway).

Seeing they are now getting into the Pork game - will be interesting to see how it fares against Beyond