Improve visual accesibility of Market Note

When reading information from my market notes in low light, and so my phone on dim, I realised that the beige text with date and time is very hard to read.

It’s not a big issue for me, but increasing the font size of these two lines or increasing the contrast may improve accessibility for those with visual impairment. It may be worth checking that the beige text at the bottom of the contract notes is accessible too.

I’d prefer to see the contract notes being delivered in PDF format - opened an account with CMC Invest this morning (just to get the £50 as I’m a bit of a freeloader) and their contract notes are in a nice PDF format (as are Revolut, H&L, ii etc). I file all my contract notes electronically, for FT I need to screen shot the note and save as a photo.

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I’d encourage you to make a feature request thread for this if it doesn’t exist as I’d also like this. Download option and / or email pdf of the contract note

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