Improved Contract Notes πŸ“œ

I just realised that there is significant friction when using portfolio tracking tools (such as WeBull) for the US stocks purchased via Freetrade.

At the moment, I see the exchange rate at the point of purchasing - which is great. But that very rate is not saved anywhere once the transaction is complete. The issue is that the value is shown in GBP only, without an indicative conversion. Therefore, it makes it painful to add information to third-party tracking tools.

Current process: (1) Go to the activity tab :arrow_right: (2) Select a transaction :arrow_right: (3) Go back to Discovery to find the ticker :arrow_right: (4) Go back to the contract note :arrow_right: (5) Check what GBP/USD conversion was at the date of purchasing :arrow_right: (6) Finish

More informative Contract Note: (1) Go to activity tab :arrow_right: (2) Select a transaction :arrow_right: (3) Finish

Could the contract note transform to something like this?

I entirely agree it will be very helpful

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yes, please. It will be helpful.

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You’ve got my vote. That would be helpful. Nice suggestion Vlad :slight_smile:

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This would be very useful and would improve transparency a lot.

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Contract Note improvement must have change to include Account Number into the contract note.