Contract Note Buy Price for US Stocks

Would it be possible to add the share price we bought at to the Contract Notes? For US stocks currently it shows the price per share in GBP but it would be useful to have the actual share price too because the GBP price includes a currency conversion which varies over time.

Currently it is quite difficult to quickly tell at which price you bought a US stock at.

Loving the app otherwise!

Now that the Invest platform is rolling out, can the team have another think about this please? Its crucial to seeing how your investment has truly performed without the skew of currency fluctuations. And its going to be especially useful once European stocks roll out in Euros.

For anyone wondering, you can request details of your trades via support, I found Rob to be super helpful!


Placing an instant trade allows you to get the price paid per share in USD. Harmonising this with the contract note would be ideal.

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