Improving limit orders

I really like the new limit orders we have as part of plus, but would like to see them improved. Partly this is in comparison to competitors like HL which already offer a better experience, and partly to differentiate Freetrade from competitors by offering a better experience which doesn’t just use standard limit orders.

Things I’d like to see:

  • Allow orders to be created without reserving funds or assets

  • If there are insufficient funds/assets at point of execution just ignore or cancel the order

  • Allow start and end dates, not just arbitrary time limits

  • Allow percentage amounts not just price (trailing stop loss)

  • Allow percentage of shares, not just number

  • Move rules for limit orders in-house (I’m assuming it asks the broker or exchange at present - would be interesting to know)

  • Allow chaining rules and user defined rule sets

  • Add some suggested rulesets which are more complex than existing orders (stop limit orders)

At present Freetrade seems to use per market limit orders (those who know more about this please correct me), which means each new market will have its own rules/limitations, the experience will be fragmented, and freetrade will be unable to take suggestions from users. I have no idea if this is a legal requirement or was just easier to get started or cheaper, but if the latter, I’d love to see Freetrade do something a little different with limit orders. Of course this may be a long-term goal as it would require good realtime sources of market information (also useful in so many other areas), but technically it doesn’t seem insurmountable to me, just difficult, and the reward would be a much better experience than other providers which was hard to replicate.

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