Limit order improvements

Fantastic to see order limits lifted recently, this is a huge improvement. Some other things which have been annoying me about limit orders as I try to use them recently:

  • Buy limit orders reserve money on your account, I don’t see why this is necessary - the first limit order to be satisfied should be executed, if there isn’t sufficient cash on the account to execute other ones, they can just be ignored. This is quite restrictive as it means you can only set up a certain number of limits at once, rather than a few across different assets.
  • Sell limit orders reserve shares. This is annoying if you want to be able to set a stop loss as well as a sell limit - as far as I can see this is impossible at present.
  • Limit orders are arbitrarily limited to 2 of each type for a given asset.

I don’t think freetrade have a public roadmap any more, and progress on the app has been super slow in the last few years (the only big feature I can remember is autoinvest, which is great!), it’d be great to hear what freetrade feels the priorities are now and where you intend to head next with the app. There are so many little features that could be added to differentiate it, but it doesn’t feel like freetrade engage with customers much any more, which is sad to see.

I thought when you said auto invest we actully had it. That’s one I would like to see were I can set a said amount pick the percentages of what I want to buy in each stock then set up a direct debit eaxh month and boom.

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I find recurring order does what I need. If you do a standing order a few days before it would be pretty much as you describe - money comes in and is automatically invested in the items you choose.

I’m very happy with what they’ve done there and am glad it is not related to direct debits.

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I put a limit sell order on cab payments for £0.57 this morning and the share price reached £0.5850 but no sell. Why would that be??

I would like a PROPER Autoinvest


Cause nobody wanted to buy at that point at that price ?

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I think there are autoinvest threads so best move comments about autoinvest there.

Re limit riders, orders don’t always go through unfortunately for a few reasons but it is very rare. The price displayed is I think in the middle of the spread, and for buy limit orders you should compare with the buy price, so that could be why, or there might have been no sellers as Belvedere said.

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