I haven’t seen anything on this but I know for myself and a few others would love in app.

Can we please get a feature, to transfer our cash balance, within our apps inbetween accounts.

So I have available cash in basic…Quick button to transfer it over to my ISA account and vise versa.

That’d be so good and help a lot.

Thank you :blush::+1:

I like this. But there’s a but. We are allowed up to 20k pa in the ISA. Imagine I deposit 5K in the ISA this financial year. I have 15k left to use. Fast forward a couple of weeks. I transfer 2k from my ISA to my GIA. I still have 15k left in my ISA.

The point is that I find it very useful to be able to transfer from the GIA to the ISA. Not so much the other way around.

This could be solved with flexible ISA

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