Incomplete Orders in the Activity tab


Incomplete Orders take up a fair amount of space on the Activity Feed tab and all the red “Cancelled” etc text seems a bit negative :frowning:

As such would it be possible to:

  • Make Incomplete Order entries dismissible - at which stage they are hidden under a link
  • Or merge this with the other Activity Feed entries so over time it moves further below the fold?
  • from @evangelskies below: maybe a collapsible tab?


Totally agree, I currently dislike going into activity because of this haha!

(Eve) #3

Agree with this, I’d like to be able to hide them (maybe a collapsible tab?)- they take up way too much space and look a bit sad in my feed :sweat_smile:


Thanks @evangelskies - Collapsible Tab sounds good :ok_hand: I’ve added it to the list

(Kenny Grant) #5

I’m fine with them at the top if they are dismissible - they presumably don’t want you to miss failed orders.

Personally though I expected this to be a chronological feed, not different sections of activity, which I think would solve a lot of these problems.