Do standing order payments show up in activity?


I just noticed that neither of my standing order top ups are visible in the activity feed. How am i suppose to know if my standing order arrived? Standing orders taking few days to process already give me anxiety and now it turns out i can’t even see when they arrive,

Am i missing something?

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I have a standing order and it appears in my Activity as ‘Top up’.


Got a reply from support team that apparently standing orders do not show in the activity feed. I wonder how does it show for you.


The regular amount which gets paid automatically from my bank account to Freetrade appears in my Activity feed as ‘Top up’. It doesn’t look any different from other ad-hoc top ups which I make via bank transfer.

Agreed, I have a standing order into my Freetrade account and it also shows as Top up. Admittedly mine is not an ISA, so it may differ for ISAs?

Oh, I hadn’t made the connection. My standing order goes to my basic account, not my ISA.

Perhaps there is a difference.

I mean that’s the only possible thing I can come up with that might impact it. Perhaps someone with an ISA can confirm?

Are there any plans to fix this? Not seeing money going in makes it really hard to “audit”.

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Hey FT team, are there plans to make standing orders going into the ISA account show in Activity feed?

My standing order into my ISA shows as a Top Up.

In mine only the manual transfers are showing.