No Top Up showing in Activity


Just wondering why the in app Activity section isn’t showing that a Top Up has occurred when funds have come out of my account and into FT?

It usually shows right away.

Probably a small delay for the app to refresh the top up activity

This is why i didn’t top up with more. …I just don’t trust FT.

You don’t top up more because you don’t see a line in the activity section immediately? I’d only be concerned if it’s not generated a line by the end of the day.

FT are trustworthy, no money is stolen. It might take a while to deposit for new users who’s details can’t be matched automatically. After that’s been resolved its smooth sailing.

We’ve all become conditioned to expect instant results when we use apps, but wherever there is a connection to the old banking system, there will be delays.

I had a roofer do some work on my house last year, I sent a bank transfer on a Saturday to pay him and then emailed to say I’d sent the money, and he came back with heaps of abuse saying the money hadn’t arrived, accusing me of refusing to pay him, threatening to come round my house and un-do the work he’d done (i.e. smash it up!) because the money hadn’t arrived instantly in his account. On a weekend. Banks don’t work like that! I told him I’d be happy to speak with him on Monday after the banks had reopened, and never heard from him again. His roofing work, unfortunately, turned out to be as rubbish as his approach to customer relations.

Don’t worry, it will turn up!

Thank you yes it has.

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Bit of a false equivalence but i see your meaning.