Unable to reconcile account balance vs activity - Missing top up manual entry in Activity - Expected Behavior?


I had a cash top up (transfer in) to my ISA account and initially it was not added automatically (it had to be manually added by Freetrade Operations Team I was told due to an issue given it was a new account).

Since then I can see that it has been computed in the available to invest balance and portfolio amount however it does not show in the activity feed.

I have been told by Freetrade help that this is the expected behavior because the transfer was manually added by their Operations team.

I see this as a critical issue because at any point I should be able to reconcile my balance against my activity and since this is missing for me I have a break between my balance and my activity.

Surely this has been raised before I cannot standalone that these items should match since freetrade does not provide a traditional transaction / balance statement via the app!

There should be an entry type for their Operations teams to reflect the manual entry added to my balance in the activity feed so that we are always able to reconcile balance vs activity.

Anyone else has reported this before? Has freetrade been able to fix your activity entry? Any position from Freetrade on this type of issue?


I set up a monthly standing order to FT and apparently standing orders need to be applied manually, so similarly to what happened to you I can see them in my balance but not in the activity feed. I raised this with FT in app a couple weeks ago as I see this a flaw in the activity log.

The response I got was that they are:

(…) “working on improving this side of the app functionality so bear with us on this :pray:

So I guess we just have to wait a bit.

It sounds like a similar issue for sure.

Currently activity is the only tab in the app where it is possible to see your transitions. Hence it should list all your transactions so that you are able to reconcile balance vs transactions (deposit/withdraw, buys/sells). I’m negatively surprised that this is not currently the case.

Hopefully this thread gets some traction so that Freetrade priorities fixing this issue.

Hey @virtunus,

At present, we haven’t yet implemented a way for manually applied cash to generate Activity feed items.

Rest assured, this is something that we have on our to-do list in the future. I’ve also shared your feedback about this with our Technical Operations and Product Team too. :pray:

As always, you can request an Activity Statement from the team if you would like a detailed transcript of the activity on your account. We can arrange this for any time period, be it a month or since your account was opened. We’re also working on making this available on-demand in-app too!


Hi @robjackson,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Either an ability to generate the activity statement through the app on demand or have the manual entries show in the activity feed would suffice in my view.

The ask here is to have a tool within the app where you can reconcile all entries vs balance amount on our own without having to request an activity statement from the support team via chat which can take a few hours/days.

Any ideas when either is likely to be released?