App issue? Activity feed not recording transfers and magic ghost money

Today I requested that FT made my first transfer of funds between my GIA and my ISA. The transfer was for the full sum of cleared funds at that time.

I noted a few things:

  1. On checking my activity feed this evening I noticed that the transferred funds are not recorded in either GIA or ISA activity feeds. It would be good if it was recorded. Will it be in my statement at the end of the month?

  2. My GIA also now has 13p of cleared funds but no record of when and where it came from. I am presuming that this is a dividend but not sure. I like miraculously appearing ghost money but it might make the tax man suspicious!

  3. On a related point, I had noted previously that dividend notifications seem to be listed not in the order that the customer received the payment, but at the time that FT was paid them or the issuer wrote the cheque. For my purposes, the activity feed would be far more useful if it matched the chronology of my experience, rather than some other event that makes no impact on my account.

What do other users think and is it something worth changing?

Still loving the app, so thanks to the devs for all their hard work! :beers:

My guess is transfers between accounts is still painfully manual so some steps have been done but not others. Would love this sorted for April :crossed_fingers:

That makes sense @AdamL

The 13p payment transaction arrived in my activity feed before bedtime but it is very strange that they don’t happen at the same time. I received another bonus payment which seemed to coincide with the activity record being made, so not sure what is going on there.

I will tot-up all of my ingoings and outgoings and make sure it all matches the transaction records, statements and ISA capacity.

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