Increase limit order timelines

It would be really helpful to have 1 year options for setting limit orders. I like to speculate and would really like to buy X stock and instantly put a limit order for purchase price plus say 20% on them for 1 year.

At present the time limit is so short it is a pain in the backside to keep renewing. I like the idea of having a part of the portfolio where I buy and place a limit for double inflation and not thinking about it for the year and if it doesnt sell I then add the next years %.

How long do they last currently out of interest? 90 days seems the industry standard. Price alerts would be a handy alternative.


Yep, 90 days, which flies by so would be really good to get 1 year unless there is a rule that makes it not legal or something.

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I may be wrong but I’ve a feeling I’ve read somewhere that such limits are imposed by exchanges.

Some sort of time limit is probably necessary to prevent orders that people have long forgotten about from executing all of a sudden.

Price alerts would be a relatively easy solution. I think it got shot down as being too ‘tradey’ a feature, but we have 3x short ETFs nowadays.

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You can get email alerts on the London Stock Exchange website if you create an account and do My Email Alerts. It’s a pretty good feature if you are able to keep an eye on your emails. It’s what alerted me to British American Tobacco becoming discounted in price for example.


You can also get free share price alerts via the Financial Times website, as well as alerts on lots of other things:

It’s all free, you just need to register and then you get access under MyFT : Portfolio to loads of free tools - eg: portfolio setup and monitoring, watchlists, alerts, share screening tools etc.

For some reason price alerts are not available for etfs though, just shares (including investment trusts).

Speaking of investment trusts, the AIC also has a free alert / notification service:

Not just for price, but discount to nav, and loads of other stuff:

However these seem to arrive the next day, based on the previous days price, discount etc, rather than immediately?


Thanks, hadn’t realised the AIC offered an alert service.