Invesco Energy S&P US Sector UCITS ETF - XLEP

This ETF tracks the S&P Select Sector Capped 20% Energy TR index, which measures S&P 500 firms in the Energy sector.

Evening peeps is this worth having a few shares in sounds pretty good

Why is this fund classified as “Renewable energy” on the Freetrade app?


What’s a better description? Not sure understand what it tracks?

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I haven’t found the word “renewable” on the fund website, in the factsheet or the KIID document. The top couple of holdings are major oil & gas companies.

I’m a newbie though, so I might be overlooking something


You’re right. It just tracks the US energy sector as defined by S&P

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Thanks all, this has been updated


Hi I’m trying to buy fraction of an S&P share but I cannot input it. I managed to do this for Coca-Cola. Is there a problem ?l

Do ETF have to be a whole share? Don’t think you can buy fractions

Hi @Oldhouse56

Fractional shares are only available on US stocks at the moment, all the ETF’s on the platform are UK listed so it whole shares only I’m afraid.