Ipo this year

Any ipos we are looking at

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2025 :shushing_face:

That’s an interesting list, loads of big red numbers on there, with the very occasional 2 or 3 bagger. One could conclude that the odds of picking a winner at IPO are pretty slim.

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Investing during an IPO always brings additional worries as they tend to be quite volatile and sea of red in this years bunch doesn’t instill confidence.

From the looks of it Juno is hoping for a freetrade IPO in 2025.


It would have been 2023. IF???

A few audio books have suggested that 80+ something percent of companies when they first ipo fail within the first so and so year, sorry I wish I could remember what they actully said.

Doesn’t help I’m near falling asleep lol

Have a look at the amount of Spacs (similar process to an IPO) that merged in 2020/2021, share price destroyed on loads of them, many still unprofitable, bankrupt, here are some below…

Hylion, Chargepoint, Volta, Evgo, Nikola, Lucid, Skillz, Opendoor, Cloverhealth, Romeo Power (no longer in business), Tattooed Chef (bankrupt), Proterra (bankrupt), this is just a few of them.

Great trading these back in the day especially Hylion, Nikola and Lucid with the prices they reached, easy money. Doubt we will see opportunities like this again with Spacs

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