Is 62 too old to start investing

You can get a junior stocks and shares Isa from some brokers. I know HL and Vanguard offer them. Hopefully, FT will add them in future too. By the way, I think I’m right in saying MSFT owns Minecraft.


I am also 62 and got my freetrade account just over a year ago and am looking at income shares with some growth shares when markets are down. You can drip feed into etfs or look at charts and buy in dips. At start i ooked every day but as markets keep going lower it is hard to watch. But it is rewarding when dividends come in. Should beat savings rates over medium to long term. Good luck


For those looking for income, might be worth considering investment trusts for more diversification.

Some investment trusts are known as ‘dividend heroes’ and have paid increasing consecutive dividends for >50 years.

I don’t think all of them are available with Freetrade but most are.

Here’s Freetrade’s guide on what investment trusts are:

What is an investment trust? - Invest Hub | Freetrade

As always, do your own research.


Thanks for the advice.
Glad to see i am not the only one out there.
Anyway i have decided i am going to live until i am a hundred. :grinning:


Thank you very much for the very useful list. I’ve got some of them already and some of them have too low a yield for my liking but I was glad to look through them anyway.

@Widehead, I mentioned investment trusts in passing above and I would also recommend them. I made the beginners mistake of investing in quite a lot of stocks, some of which haven’t been as good purchases as I’d hoped. Investment Trusts usually hold income in reserves so, while the risk of cut or stopping of dividends isn’t completely removed, it is a lot lower as well as there being the other advantage of spreading the risk over many different stocks rather than plumping for one.

Look at ETFs as well - I really like iShares, lots of choice there and an excellent website to navigate but you can also stick to the safer ones such as FTSE100, FTSE250 and S&P500 while you’re learning.


Microsoft own Minecraft now don’t they?

Thanks very much for the advice. Much appreciated.

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That’s great news for him, 2 birds with one stone… knowing him he will want to double up on stocks cos its MS and Minecraft at same time… cheeky kids


Get a financial advisor

Is it really financially viable for someone who only has £15 a month budget to invest ?

As long as they have an emergency fund saved in an easy access account then I don’t see why not.

If you are using Freetrade the only thing you may struggle with is UK shares as they do not currently offer fractional shares.

If your comment is related to your son then you can buy US shares such as Microsoft with £15 on here with no additional expense.


Welcome! You are never too old for anything!!

If it interest’s you, use your life experience to your advantage. You no doubt have a lot more wisdom then the younger folks and that could well be helpful.


Thanks for your advice.

Here’s my answer.

No no no no no no

Oh and no

Welcome :grinning::hugs::tada:


Thank you very much. Point taken.

I’m 67 and started investing a year ago, made several mistakes initially but discovered AIM, opened an ISA account and invested in GGP & Avacta. Will now sit back and enjoy the ride. Dyor

Risky :grimacing: :game_die:

Thanks for your advice. Hope you are very successful in your endeavours.

Like wise I started a year ago at 64, some winners some losers in the wider purchases I made but I am working on a 5 year in the market place and learning as a I go along
There are some sites out there that can help
Advfn. Diversified Energy Company Plc Share Chat - Chat About DEC Shares - DEC

That give data as well as sometimes useful contributors in the chat sections

Considerations re Dividends would be recent Gov changes to allowance effecting the tax free portions if you are going to use a GIA account

Think about your plan in advance and stick to it, don’t impulse buy as it’s tempting and do research
Good luck and remember shares go down a lot as well as up at times so take a long term view unless you want to play with buy and sell on a regular basis


My advice would be to stay far away from AIM stocks and stick to investments trusts and ETFs. Good luck to you.