Is it possible combine Fractional Shares?


Is it possible combine fractional shares into a single fraction share or whole shares?

I’ve searched the communuty but haven’t found any info. If there is a topic please post the link / topic subject.

Thanks in advance.

Each time you buy a share it is added to your existing balance, so you’ll then see the cumulative total. If you bought 0.1 of a share 10 times you would then be holding 1 share in total. Hope that helps. Welcome to the forum👍


Thank you

If the stock you had was dividend bearing, would you get a dividend once you reached one full share on ex date?

You do get dividends for fractional shares, just the fractional amount of the dividend.

Ex dividend date is the date you no longer qualify. The payment date follows between 2 weeks and a few months later

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Oh yea, lol. I meant before the ex date.

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