Is there anyone who hasn't got any US Holdings?

Just curious…I have seen a lot of people buy 2 shares of Apple / Tesla / MSFT etc.

Surely It would be better concentrating on something like the FTSE 250 for example and doing some decent research into companies and buying a lot more shares of a decent well-performing company, than buying a couple of a Global US brand.

Don’t get me wrong, Id love to have a nice chunk in someone like Apple or Tesla. But…i don’t know it just doesn’t make too much sense to me. Because you could get a much greater chunk else where.

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You could also lose a greater chunk.

Pragmatically speaking, it makes sense to put a certain amount into ‘safe’ holdings before taking risks elsewhere. It helps cover the risks that don’t pay off.

Buying two shares in a single company is still a bit of a risk, but. A massive risk with Tesla, even. Were I in the position that I could only get a few shares like that, I’d split my money between VWRL, VUSA and VMID.