Is there only market orders?

Hi just opened my freetrade account. Is there a feature to have candlestick charts? And can I only place market orders and not limit orders? I’ve traded forex for many years and always use limit, take profit and stop-loss orders. Are these not available on FT? I like to map out my trades and place my orders and wait…thanks in advance for any info

At the moment you can only place market orders. Limit orders are on the Freetrade roadmap for sometime this year (3-6 months away it currently says).

I haven’t heard of any plans to add an option for candlestick charts. Freetrade have a section on this forum to suggest ideas, though. Candlesticks have been suggested a number of times, but this one has the most votes currently, so maybe add an upvote there :slight_smile:

Thanks for this helpful info. I really do hope the order types will be expanded as I think from new investors perspective it may protect them at times from impluse trading from fear of missing out. I find personally planning my trades and waiting to be triggered in or not removes the “need” to buy or sell. But everyone has their own ideas and what works for me will not work for someone else. So its not a matter of one way being the “right” way, it just different order types gives us options to weight up and use.

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Limit are orders are just around the corner! Hardly any more waiting :slight_smile:

Thats good news…thanks

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