ISA declaration

ISA declaration text need changing.

multiple ISAs of same type allowed now.
Hope this is addressed ASAP


Thanks for flagging this. We’re taking a look at this now.


Will the progress bar along the top of the ‘Account’ page be changing as well, given that you will not be able to put £20K into a Freetrade ISA if you’ve contributed to another in the same tax year? Or will there just be a disclaimer?

I would have thought / hoped these things might have been considered internally instead of being reactive to a customer’s forum post…


Maybe Freetrade could have it so the user can set the limit themselves

i.e if you are going to have say 1 cash isa of 10k and 2 stocks and shares isa’s with different providers you could set say a 5k limit so it stops users going over or at least you can see when your getting to your own preset limit


Can you contribute into diffrent isas in same tax year now ?

As of today yes you can but you can’t have more than £20k in total across all of the cash & stock & shares isa’s you have.

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I missed that one

Kind of pointless unless theirs a stock not available on here that u want

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Part of the rational for the government changing the rule is that not all stocks are available with all isa providers and some don’t want to swap the whole portfolio to other providers so having more than one can overcome this problem.

I also think the other idea is some have massive portfolios and may not always want to transfer everything to a new lesser known or smaller provider so it allows people to try multiple providers.

which in Freetrade’s case could be an advantage as someone who has large portfolio with II or HL for example may not want to necessarily want to transfer it to Freetrade so they can try it before deciding on moving a portfolio

From my point of view it is good as there are UK companies I can’t get on freetrade so have to go to T212.

Also I never use Freetrade for US stocks as the fees are much higher than other providers so this will also help me with the new rules


Probably not. No different to previous yrs where you could have 20K across multiple ‘ISA’ types. I guess it’s down to individuals to keep track of their contributions.


Exactly perfect if you want something not available on freetrade which is a lot. May put some in 212 for BOOK.

Still not been changed. Someone’s dropped the ball on this one; I hope that, as an investor, this hasn’t been putting people off from investing.

This change has been signalled for 6 months.

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Morning all,

We’re reviewing these now. The changes were just finalised (and official wording released) in the last couple of weeks - despite the signalling for months. There is no impact on how you use your ISA now. We may have to get a fresh declaration from investors to supersede this one in a worst case scenario.

As for the progress bar we will look at adding some additional wording here. It’s the individual’s obligation to ensure you don’t go over the annual ISA allowance if investing across multiple ISAs of the same type (as you can now) or different types (as has been the case up until now). We don’t have visibility to your ISA contributions on other platforms so can’t amend this in any way that’s accurate unfortunately.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response. I still say someone should have been on this from two weeks ago. For a fintech, these changes shouldn’t be hard to implement quickly surely? Other financials already have the declaration on their apps correct; Chip for example.

Again I say as an investor, I hope this hasn’t put people off investing.



Point 1.3 at Tax-free savings newsletter 11 - GOV.UK suggests that brokers no longer need customers to agree an annual ISA declaration.

text on the app has changed. It now says “agree to ISA terms”. ISA terms has the folllowing

is 3.1.3 still needed?