ISA rules

I have three stocks & shares ISAs (one of which is with Freetrade). Each of those three accounts were opened in a different tax year. My question is, if I subscribe £1000 to my Freetrade ISA this year (remaining allowance £19,000), does this mean I can’t top up to other stocks and shares ISAs I hold with different providers within the year? Some of the wording suggests this may be the case. Am I right in thinking my stocks and shares ISA allowance can’t be allocated to more than one provider in the same tax year? Thanks

Yes. You’re right to think this


Note that if you didn’t want to put the remaining £19k into Freetrade, you have the option to put it in another type of ISA, eg cash ISA, LISA, innovative finance ISA, just not another stocks & shares ISA.


Do you have a cash isa?
You may be able to transfer funds to your stocks and shares from that without breaking the contribution rule.

I have a nominee stock account elsewhere, but since that isn’t an existing form of ISA I guess a transfer would not be within the rules.

I’m not sure whether you can also transfer current year’s cash ISA contributions to an inactive, previous year stocks and shares ISA.

There’s probably a rule against this, but I can’t find it…