It’s ISA Season 💰

Yes you can



please bear in mind that the government may change the rules in the future for better or worse



Can you hold US Stocks in an ISA?

Yes, and your gains would be tax free @AUK

Just note, the US still taxes dividends at 15%, even if you hold them in an ISA.

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Thank you!

Heads up. It is the ISA deadline on 5th April 2020. Use it or lose it. Worth remembering you can put the funds in your ISA account before the deadline, then invest those funds later.

As usual, this is not advice.


lots of ads on youtube for SS ISAs. ISA season is back

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Watched this whole video to remind myself how complicated it can get if you don’t invest via an ISA…

Just a shame I wanted to make crypto part of my portfolio.

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Just a quick question as I have never done an ISA and just need a confirmation it is what I think it is. Reading about them on the web some keep referring to a new ISA each year as if it is a separate account. Can anyone confirm that the FT is a rolling account and the only limit is the £20k each year or whatever the current limit is.
I know some places only work for that year but think that is rare. I just want a single account I can add to each year etc.

" Once your money has been contributed, you don’t have to invest in anything until you want to, so you can tax wrap money that **you might want to invest later" exactly what i need!

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It’s the same account but the allowance resets. Freetrade have a line bar which shows you how much allowance you have remaining for the current tax year. Also worth noting that you can only subscribe ( fancy way of saying pay into ) one Stocks & Shares ISA account per year. Hope that helps.


That’s brilliant!!! I thought it was the case but on moneysavingexpert I read some can be single year accounts and then the terminology seemed unclear :joy: :+1:

Thanks both for the replies!!

New to freetrade and looking at an ISA.

Unfortunately as perv the opening post, I’m well past being a venerable 20yr old.
I’m looking for an easy or instant access ISA as we’re trying to save a deposit for a mortgage.
Am I in the wrong place?



Morning @Bonzo :ocean:

First this could be right but it depends on your time line. Common advice is not to invest in the stock market if you need access to the money in the next 5 years and investments can go down as well as up.

If that fits for you then the FT ISA will give you the ability to earn more than the derisory interest on offer from a standard bank account.

You find it like a normal account and then pick shares or funds to buy with all the gains tax free.

Does this sound like the right thing for you?