John Thomas / The Mad Hedgefund Trader

@engineer thanks so much. That was excellent.
My amazon shares are 15% in green. I cant decide whether to sell them with an impending drop or hold


That depends on your time horizon, doesn’t it?

Congrats - great company, great return.

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Pretty spot on with the “look for a ‘V’ with tech” insight on March 18.

Everyone chip in 10 quid for his paid advice :sweat_smile::thinking:


Just received a direct phone call from John Thomas - The Max Hedge Fund Trader. I asked a simple question to his company over a week ago and did not expect the man himself to call and chat for half an hour from Nevada. He also threw some insights on how he’s currently approaching the market (hint hint Dow between 18,000 & 23,000 for the foreseeable future)

He then randomly mentioned that the virus could be being tackled by viagra. Tomorrow’s news I guess.

As always, here’s today’s insights

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I assume he’s thinking that if we’re all popping viagra we’ll be more inclined to stay behind closed doors. :muscle:


Dating is hard during Covid-19.

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Nope. “Old” news. He must be spending a lot of time reading/researching. Before his 7 years at Morgan Stanley during the 80s, he apparently spent a lot of time with the Economist.

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Here’s the current 5 insights :v:t3:

Are they actually tips as he describes them? It reads to me more like a news summary without any suggestion on how to act on the information.

Most of the investment process is boring - reading, digesting, analysing, forming a conviction, reading, analysing.

He picks some interesting nuggets from the 24/7 news cycle noise, writes a short comment, shares it. Macro news such as the first two recent articles are important to know, since everything is inter-related.

I don’t think he can provide a buy/hold/sell investment advice and may not even hold a financial licence for retail investors.

Even banks and brokers in the City and Wall St who write equity and macro research don’t technically provide investment advice and can’t suggest how to act on the information. They’ll say “we think the price will go up 100x because our proprietary model [an Excel spreadsheet stuffed with macros] suggests you won’t need oxygen to survive in 10 years.”

But they also don’t say buy/sell - only things like “overweight, underweight, neutral… read the legal bits at the end of our research, they’re only 2-3 pages long… this is not an investment advice even though it looks like it”.)

Acting on the news should be up to you and research is hard. This guy just digests some bits for you (and they’re quite interesting).

Also notice that at the end of his free tips, he mentions some stock tickers. E.g.

Published today in the Mad Hedge Global Trading Dispatch , the Mad Hedge Technology Letter, and the Mad Hedge Biotech and Healthcare Letter:


(INDU), (SPY), (SDS), (BA), (VIX), (VXX), (GLD), (GDX), (GOLD), (NEM), (QCOM), (HYG), (JNK)


(LLY), (GSK)

These are covered the paid services he sells. By looking at some of the company tickers and excluding the indices (e.g. SPY) you may note some of them, do some research, etc - you’ve zeroed in already on a few stocks out of thousands because he found them interesting for right or wrong reasons.


Very useful context. Thank you.

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Yes it’s more of a, ‘here are the most important factors to pay attention to right now’.

I personally only read the headlines he writes, I do not click the links. As a long term investor I just need a rough idea of what’s currently happening.

At the same time he is also actioning buy/sell put & call alerts to paying clients.


Today’s insights :v:t3:


Today’s Insights - US home builders :-1:t3:

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Today’s insights - (sell into the rally) (remember these are US references and may not correlate to the uk)

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I honestly don’t even open his emails because it’s more convenient getting the letter here from @101.


The insights

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Glad I’m not the only one!

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Same, I even unsubscribed from his emails. :rofl:

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