John Thomas / The Mad Hedgefund Trader

Today’s is interesting (car sales down 50% yet Tesla soaring?)


John Thomas insights :v:t3: (Advertising companies looking dangerous)

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Dead people are receiving stimulus cheques in the US :pensive:

So much going on.

Just seen this thread and don’t know the guy.

Thanks for the links and insights though - what is that TSLA target of 2.5k based on?!


Someone finally taking Musk’s twitter away from him…


Bond market :-1:t3: Big Tech :call_me_hand:t3:

I see at the bottom of his page daily it says:

I wonder what he says in the webinar about the stocks in brackets above? Assuming he published the webinar on the morning of the 6th, the 5 stocks at the bottom if the list have performed nicely (haven’t checked the ones above it).

(EA) - 2% increase since markets closed in the 6th
(ATVI) - 0.37% increase
(TWLO) - 46% increase
(UBER) - 18% increase
(LYFT) 25% increase

He and his team obviously read an unbelievable amount of news, probably to the smallest of detail. Will be keeping an eye out when those stocks in brackets change next Monday.

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The stocks at the bottom are usually tips to buy on dips and occasionally he will also list ticker symbols separately to avoid like the plague.

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Nice one, very interesting indeed.

For the ones that missed the bottom, could we head there again?

AMD on the next dip?

When is this dip :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Guessing around Q2 earnings reports.

A short on google?

Delta back in the air @ 60% capacity

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Hedge funds bought Microsoft, Amazon & Activision Blizzard in the March lows.



50\50 on economy direction.

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