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Mineral exploration company focused on Botswana

This one would be a good addition to plus. Huge potential

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This would be a great addition to the stock universe

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If i’m not mistaken Botswana is known for diamond mining? What mineral resources does this company focus on?

Copper, Nickel and PGM


I’ll have another cheeky ask for this one. It’s Standard Main Market, 28 trades on LSE this morning, has an overlapping JV with another mining company already onboarded to your app (Power Metal Resources), quite a bit of interest from the retail community, oh and there are actually two stock request threads for this stock on this forum. @Viktor @Freetrade_Team


Hi, any chance of adding KSZ and KAV please?

Please add this

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Please add this company!

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Would like this one too

Hey @mattspencer, Kavango Resources is now live on your app! :freetrade: